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An opportunity to learn the process to mastering the law of attraction

SALTORI_badge_SALTORI_SYSTEM_Mastering_The_LawOn this page we’re giving away free access to my book Mastering The Law of Attraction containing everything we think you need to begin mastering how you use your mind, to create the things you desire in life.

No matter if you’ve struggled to get the Law of Attraction to work, or if you’ve had limited success, or if you’ve had it work from time to time, this may help you succeed with the law of attraction, where you previously may have struggled.

In the next few minutes you’ll be reading or listening to something, which is very different to other books you may have read on the subject. Because this teaches you how you must think in order to create the desired result.

In my opinion virtually all law of attraction books focus on teaching what to think, they do not teach how to think.

What to think is the obvious stuff like, ‘eat fruit, because fruit is good for you’. Well after you’ve first learnt that, you know it. But applying it into your life all the time is much trickier.

How to think, however, is the subtle bit that goes on before, during and after applying any what to think information.

How you think controls ALL your results with the law of attraction. But because everyone appears to teach what to think, people assume it to be correct, and then if they struggle or fail to get it to work, then they wrongly assume that they can’t apply it.

However, if they do not think about the ‘what to think’ information in exactly the right way, then they will not get results. Once they learn how to think about it in the right way, then it becomes far more likely that they will get the desired result.

Most people though get hung up on the ‘is it really real’ problem. This is because they have been shown what to think, and now their rational mind is doubting it. This doubt brings with it an almost inescapable ability to fail at getting it to work.

The law of attraction is not about knowing that it exists and learning more and more stuff about it. It’s about getting you real life results, and that’s why I wrote this book, and made it simple for you to read, absorb and apply.

So if you’re curious to find out what you could achieve if you dared to dream this magical law of attraction was real, then I highly recommend you give it a try.

Since writing Mastering The Law of Attraction in 2014 it has been downloaded by over 150,000 people. We also sell it regularly on Amazon. However, you can still get it for free.

Just sign up here, follow the simple instructions, and prepare for the possibility of actually making the law of attraction work…

Why are we giving Mastering The Law of Attraction away for free?




Mastering The Law of Attraction is an immersive and easy-to-use book. It is also a great introduction to the world of Saltori Structured Thinking. For years now we have given away free samples and this has lead to hundreds of thousands of students from every country in the world taking a free sample. It has also lead to people from nearly 140 countries deciding to become paying students.
It’s a win-win situation for both parties, which is why we don’t and never will charge for free samples.

The 6-Part FREE Mastering The Law of Attraction



What You Can Expect To Get

This covers the nagging doubt that most people have about whether the law is real, or whether a person can or cannot use it. We look a little at the mind and how the book sets you up to find it easier to succeed than to it is to fail.


Chapter 1

The Proof

In this chapter we briefly cover the scientific proof behind our thoughts affecting the physical world. We also cover the religious teachers and several other luminaries and what they had to say about the Law of Attraction.


Chapter 2

The Unlimited Power of Thought

Here we go into the unlimited power you have to think and really explain the simplicity of how our thinking can work to help you or harm you. It goes on to explain how we create already either consciously or unconsciously.


Chapter 3

The Illusion Holding Us Back

Here we look into the self-made illusion that holds us back in life. How it has been allowed to form and exactly what it looks like. Then we look at the process needed to have something you want come into your life.


Chapter 4

Structured VS Accidental Thinking

In this chapter we look at the benefits of structured thinking and highlight the costs of accidental (chaotic) thinking. It explains how we are taught to think, and demonstrates how what’s been left out is the piece that brings everything together.


Chapter 5

What We Know May Not Be So

Here we look at how our mind fools us into thinking something is right when it may or may not be. We really pull back the state of mind behind how we think when we use one particular word, which directly impacts our results.


Chapter 6

Having Something Before Having It

Here we get more into the detail of how you create with your mind accurately what you desire, and how you avoid most of the pitfalls that usually prevent people from achieving success when they try and use the law of attraction.


Chapter 7

The Limits of Imagination

In this chapter we look at the impossible, and how the way most teach the law of attraction is unfortunately doomed to deliver poor to no results. We look at how people use their mind to kill their own dreams by accident.


Chapter 8

The Power of Thinking You Can

In this chapter I explain and give examples of how I created things, which are nearly impossible using the techniques in the book. Some of these things may seem extraordinary, but they are just examples of how your mind can be used.


Chapter 9

You Can Do It Too

In this chapter I share two stories from people who have used the techniques taught in this book to achieve some pretty amazing things. Then I explain how their minds were working to create the things they did.


Chapter 10

Is The Law of Attraction Neutral

In this chapter we look at the neutrality of the law of attraction. I share some of the embarrassing mistakes I’ve personally made using the law of attraction to create things that harmed my life too.


Chapter 11

Mastering The Law of Attraction

In this chapter you get a 5 step process which brings together all of the teaching in the book. There’s a simple process, which gives you a way to apply all you’ve learnt. We also cover some simple items to manifest and practice your new skill.

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Over 150,329 people have downloaded this book


Please tell us where to send your
Free Saltori Mastering the Law of Attraction Book & Audio

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