Could the answer to solving problems and achieving more from life really be, just a matter of raising your level of consciousness?

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The A Bug Free Mind Process may be a quantum leap forward in your life.

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An opportunity to experience your consciousness shifting.

SALTORI_badge_SALTORI_SYSTEM_FootstepsOn this page we’re giving away free access to the course of Footsteps Through Your Mind. The course contains everything you need to begin raising your consciousness and was written by Andy Shaw the creator of Saltori Structured Thinking.

No matter where you are right now in life. No matter what you’ve tried. No matter if you’ve succeeded or failed. When you begin to raise your level of consciousness, you will probably find your life get easier and a LOT simpler.

In the next few minutes you’ll be reading the first Footstep. Which is very easy to understand, and very easy to apply.

You may find that from the very first Footstep you experience a significant shift in your consciousness. Or it may take you a while before you begin to feel the effect of this course.

The secret is to commit to the first seven days of just reading and applying the techniques and you should feel like ‘something’ is happening during this time. However, do not rush through, give yourself time to think as you are changing how your mind works as you do.

One of the biggest problems in the world people have is that they attempt to solve their problems and create the lives of their dreams with the same level of consciousness. They then wonder why they are getting the same result.

However, if they raised their level of consciousness to a point where the problem could simply no longer exist, then they could see where they’ve been going wrong. This course aims to help you raise your level of consciousness so that you can experience your problems literally dissolving.

Does it achieve that? Every person is different, but since this course was first created in 2014 over 3,000 people have left unsolicited messages online stating how it has helped them in their life. So we look forward to you telling us that too.

The course will deliver you over 61 Footsteps in the next 90 days. There are ‘gap’ days in the Footsteps to allow you time to think about the message, as the simplicity of some of these Footsteps may leave you a little stunned.

So if you’re curious to find out exactly what it feels like to raise your consciousness in a very light and easy way, and to see the effect this will have on your life, then we highly recommend you give it a try.

Just sign up here, follow the simple instructions, and prepare for the possibility of making the rest of your life simply easier and more enjoyable.

Why are we giving this Footsteps Through Your Mind Course away for free?




The Footsteps Through Your Mind Course is a complete, immersive and easy-to-use introduction to the world of Saltori Structured Thinking. For years now we have given away free samples and this has lead to hundreds of thousands of students from every country in the world taking a free sample. It has also lead to people from nearly 140 countries deciding to become paying students.
It’s a win-win situation for both parties, which is why we don’t and never will charge for free samples.

The Full Footsteps Through Your Mind Course


Footstep 1

What Virtually Everyone Has Forgotten

You begin the journey through your mind by considering something which goes against what the current thinking is. In turn this simple thought may begin to raise your consciousness immediately as well as inspire you.


Footstep 2

Just Looking

In todays Footstep you think about what you thought about yesterday. You look at it with different eyes, as overnight things may have already begun to change in you even though you may not have yet noticed.


Footstep 3

Almost Effortless Change

In todays Footstep we look at how you’ve begun to feel differently – yes it happens this fast. We look at how it’s not clear yet how you feel differently, just that you do, and that it feels quite good.


Footstep 4

Beyond Belief

In todays Footstep you get a short story about why you actually came here and begun this free course. In the process you should get a glimpse of just how powerful you really are.


Footstep 5

Getting All You Want

In todays Footstep you go deeper inside your mind to reveal the secret to massive life change and getting all you want. This focuses on the problem so that you can begin to see how to fix it.


Footstep 6

The Biggest Problem There Is

In todays Footstep it goes into covering the biggest problem people have in life. It explains how the problem hides itself and in doing so prevents people from making the progress they desire.


Footstep 7

Your Potential Genius

In todays Footstep Through Your Mind you will experience something which may stun you a lot. Usually when people see this short video they see exactly why what they have tried hasn’t worked.


Footstep 8

The Power of A Single Moment

In todays Footstep you’ll visit one of the most pleasurable places you’ve ever been. Quite frankly todays Footstep will probably make you feel amazing, and very grateful. No joke, no exaggeration.


Footstep 9 - 61


In these Footsteps you will continue to experience more of what you have experienced. However, as you go through you will likely experience things at a different level, an elevated level of consciousness.

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Over 125,000 people have taken this FREE course

Please tell us where to send your
Free Saltori Method Footsteps

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