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Welcome to the site.

This site is dedicated to the
Accelerated Learning Video Course
I am producing called

‘Success Made Simple’

The program is currently a work in progress as there are over 400 videos to be created for it.

As I write this on January 5th 2013 I am approaching 20% of the way through the project. I expect to complete the work on this by December 2013…

The course is delivered slowly anyway overtime to avoid the overwhelm problem if it was all delivered at once. So there is no real problem with it taking a long time to do other than the fact that this is roughly taking me twice as long to create as when I originally created the work in two books! So not a small amount of work!

These videos are designed to give bite-sized chunks of ‘structured thinking,’ which basically creates a success mindset.

The structured thinking comes from the ‘Saltori’ System for Structured Thinking I created a few years ago, and which I laid out in the two books Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind. (If you would like to understand Saltori more then it’s explained here, or more details of the books are here). Before the video program started to be created, these and the audio versions were the only way to learn the Saltori System.

However, I always knew I wanted to create a video program as quite frankly it is easier to learn from video than any other medium. Something I proved in the short video below which I released a while back on learning styles. Subsequently of course this proof has been endorsed by students of the free videos and the students who have taken up the full Success Made Simple Accelerated Learning Program (Click here for testimonials or click here to hear what people say on the blog).

Learning Styles Video:

So getting back to the story, I figured out that video worked much better than the written or the spoken word when I combined all three in what I called my ‘pond’ video. Where I explain the problem with the way we are taught to think and how chaotic thinking cripples our lives. You can watch the video below:

How We Actually Think Video:

Well I’d been toying with how to create a home study video program for a while and shortly after I released the ‘Pond’ video my friend Paul Fuggle sent me an email and told me that the video had made him understand the problem in a way he had never seen before. He now understood why things didn’t work when logic said they would. He said that there was nothing new in the video that I hadn’t told him before but the way I taught it in the video connected the dots. So this got me thinking, ‘maybe I’ve not simplified the process of success enough?’

So I began to consider more technically the work involved in creating this program. I wrestled with the thought of paying someone else to do it, or doing it myself. I looked at the amount of work required to create the videos… And before I begun I worked this out to be 30 minutes to produce 1 minute of video (I wish!). I based my decision to do the program myself on that time frame calculation… Since then I have discovered that it takes me approximately 60 minutes to produce 1 minute of video.

Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Until you consider that there are over 30 hours of recordings to turn into videos PLUS any additional videos and recordings I decide to make along the way!

(30 hours x 60mins/hour = 1,800 mins x 60 = 108,000 minutes of work OR 1,800 hours. The average working week is 35 hours = 51 weeks work – or a Full time job for 1 year) – And I also have a lot else on too 😉

I am grateful that I didn’t know that going in as I may not have done it otherwise!

So I came up with some useful motivation to keep me going through the 12-16 months I expect this to take… That was to sell it to students ahead of it being finished and have them chomping at my heels!

So anyway, I had struggled to choose between paying someone else to reproduce my work and doing it myself. I contemplated this for 5 weeks in August 2012 and did very little else whilst thinking about it. Finally I concluded that IT HAD TO BE ME!


Well firstly it is NOT to do with me wanting to micro manage something… As if I can pay someone to do work I don’t want to do then I am all for that…

But, after a lot of contemplation I understood that as I went through the work and turning it into videos a number of things and benefits would come out:

  1. As I focus on this, frankly I get better at it
  2. As I go through this I will simplify it more
  3. As I will be changing it as I go then there is no way anyone else can do it
  4. As I am the only person who truly understands all aspects of what I have created and therefore what I mean… then how would it be possible for another person to source the relevant images needed to simplify the message to people from all over the world
  5. Also I love this stuff!

So once I had those realisations which happened while I was discussing it with my wife over lunch, I suddenly realised what I needed to do and so was inspired to begin.

Within the first few hours of work I realised I had stumbled across the simplest way there was to teach anyone how to succeed, and that is what inspires me the most. I love receiving the comments and testimonials from students as they follow the process. Their continuous feedback leads me to a greater understanding and a further simplification of the process.

I will complete this project around the end of this year and I will continue to update it with more videos as I simplify the structured thinking techniques more over time. As I find simpler ways to convey how to bring structure to your thoughts without effort so I will update the videos.

I highly recommend you try out the 5 free videos I give away as a sample of what the majority of the program is like.

If you are struggling at all in life then just watching those 5 free videos will help you enormously and as you watch them you will come to realise that you really have found the Ultimate Success Program.

However, talks cheap! So I created this video to explain the magic that makes Success Made Simple so effective.

The Magic Video:

You can get all 5 videos free by entering your details
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Best wishes,

Andy Shaw

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